Kay in dress with dark tan satin glossy tights

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Kay wearing a pastel coloured dress and dark tan satin gloss tights is sure to make you smile when she treats you here to a little 'special K' performance!

Natalia Forrest in pale dress with black glossy tights
Natalia Forrest

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No doubt about it, when Natalia puts on this party dress and black glossy tights it is definitely going to turn heads.

Suzi Star in black dress and tan glossy tights
Suzi Star

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Suzi certainly is a star as she steps forward in a figure hugging black dress with tan glossy tights and you are about to be entertained further as she strips to show more of her amazing body, and of course, her legwear. Sit back and enjoy the view!

Bonnie Bellotti in red with black glossy tights - bts
Bonnie Bellotti

Bonnie Bellotti has a mischievous look on her face as she knows she is about to tease and treat you with a slow strip in this behind-the-scenes video that will reveal what she is or is not wearing underneath! Original photoset this footage refers to was released back on 7th December 2020.
8 min of video

Rose in little black dress (LBD) with natural glossy tights

Rose loves to tease and treat wearing her favourite little black dress especially with natural semi-opaque glossy tights and high-heeled stiletto shoes as this video clearly shows!
6 min of video

Felicity in pastel dress with light tan glossy tights - bts
Felicity Hill

6 min of video
Behind-the-scenes video footage that documents the shoot of Felicity wearing an elegant pastel dress with light tan glossy tights that resulted in a fabulous photoset due for release in the not too distant future!

Siobhan Bookworm in red dress and tan glossy tights
Siobhan Graves

6 min of video
Siobhan is quietly reading a book when she spots you are secretly watching her and decides to tease you to show what lies beneath her red jacket and dress - looks like you are in for a lovely treat!

Annabelle in copper dress with light tan glossy tights

8 min of video
Annabelle is going to leave your jaw firmly on the floor as you view this sensational video of her strip teasing out of her figure-hugging dress to show off her light tan legwear in more detail - put the medics on standby as it will definitely give your heart a good workout by the end of it!

Louise in secretary outfit with black opaque glossy tights - bts

5 min of video
Behind-the-scenes video footage documenting shoot with Louise as sexy secretary wearing silk blouse, skirt and black opaque glossy tights that refers to photoshoot soon to be released!